Get Medicare Enrollment with Some Quick Tips

Are you really new to Medicare advantage plans, then you may not be aware of what you require to be enrolled so that you have the coverage at times of need. The Medicare advantage plans features various parts, where some get automatically enrolled as you qualify or become eligible and some needs to be enrolled. The Medicare some parts are regulated by the federal government and the other parts of Medicare advantage plans are controlled by the private insurance companies.

Learn the tips to get the coverage required:


Tip 1:

You may avail hospital insurance from Medicare Part A. This is favorable as it involves paying no premium and so most people are enrolled. It includes hospital care, nursing facility care and nursing home care, home health services, and hospice. Applying for Part A Medicare online is possible and you can do it at the Social Security Website.


Tip 2:

You may avail medical insurance using Part B Medicare. This Medicare covers visits to the doctor, durable medical equipment such as ambulance services, walkers, and preventative services like vaccinations.  The Part B Medicare advantage plans feature a premium and it gets enrolled automatically though you may decline the coverage if you do not want. Applying together for Part A and B Medicare is best as they are original Medicare.

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Tip 3:

Original Medicare is the main coverage, but it does not have cover for everything. it excludes prescription drugs  and so it means for prescription drug plan take from Medicare advantage plans that is regulated by Medicare and is got from a private insurance company. Generally, you must pay separate premium as stand-alone to get the prescription drug plan and the drug coverage.

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Tip 4:

Remember that Medicare does not come for free and there is a need to pay deductibles, premiums, coinsurance, and copayments, at the same time if your doctor visits are frequent or there is extended hospital stays, there will be an add up to the costs. Medicare Advantage plans do not cover the Medicare premiums, but it is of great help as the Medicare Advantage plans pay for deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments, thereby paying from your pocket is saved. Medicare Advantage plans help with Part A and Part B Original Medicare that the Original Medicare does not cover and this also includes dental, prescription drugs or vision routine care.


Medicare Advantage plans like Medicare stand-alone Prescription Drug Plans are approved by Medicare and offered by private insurance companies.